Does your AC making noise frequently? Are these noises known to be natural, or are they are assigning us to some significant malfunction? 

The latest energy-efficient central and split air conditioning systems feature two-stage or variable speed motors engineered to produce little to no noise. If you notice a loud and disruptive sound from your air conditioner, this is a clear indicator of the unit’s moderate to severe problems and malfunction. These noises from the unit are often a sign it’s time to repair, service, or replace your system. To help you detect the problem with your design, we are here with a concentrated content on why is your AC making noise that has a significant inclusion of major 8 types of AC unit noises.

Is AC making noise a normal situation?

As per the advancement in the AC unit, the central and split systems have been designed as noise fee and silent mechanisms. At times in the older times, AC making noise was meant to be expected. But several noises are from the internal structure of the AC unit, which significantly tells us that something is wrong with the unit algorithm.

Most common 8 types of AC making noises with their primary reason and solution.

Ac making noise

Banging noise

If your air conditioner unit is making a banging noise, this is simply an indicator of a problem with the compressor unit. This compressor component is engineered to distribute refrigerant to various parts of the system to remove excess heat from your home. As your air conditioning system reaches the middle or end of its lifespan, it is not uncommon for parts to become loose inside the compressor.


  • This sound is caused by separate components in the internal structure hitting the compressor’s exterior framing. 
  • Since the compressor unit is not engineered to be easily disassembled, you may be required to invest in a new energy-efficient air conditioner. 


  • If your air conditioner unit is producing a banging sound, you need to call a local technician in your area to receive assistance with this problem.

Screeching or squealing noise

The most common issue with an air conditioner unit that makes screeching noise is a malfunctioning fan motor in the outdoor condenser unit. The central air conditioning system connected to the home features a fan designed to remove heat from the refrigerant.


  • If your air conditioner unit is making a shrieking noise, this indicates an issue with the fan motor. This sound may also show a broken engine in the compressor unit of the condenser system.
  • Another screeching or squealing noise may also indicate a damaged blower fan motor inside the unit. 
  • The blower fan is engineered to collect warm air from each room of your home. 
  • Once the blower fan motor is activated effectively, the hot and humid air throughout will be collected by the return ducts and sent to your air conditioning system. 
  • Next, the cold air from the system will be distributed throughout by the blower fan. 
  • One may also experience a screeching sound near the system in the house due to damaged bearings in your fan motor. 


  • If you hear any loud screeching AC sound, immediately deactivate your air conditioner and call a professional contractor. 

Humming noise-

One may also experience a humming noise inside the air conditioner due to a defective contactor relay switch. This major internal component is designed to start the outdoor condenser unit when it receives a signal from your thermostat. Unfortunately, one will not be able to turn on your air conditioner until a licensed technician inspects this issue. 


  • The major fault is in the contactor relay switch.


  • Do not ignore electrical problems in your system. 
  • This will cause severe damage to the central air conditioning system that expensive repairs will accompany.

Buzzing noise-

It is said that one should never ignore the buzzing noise from the AC unit.


  • This noise may indicate the loose or unbalanced fan blades in the outdoor condenser unit. 
  • This type of noise may also result from a faulty outdoor fan motor, dirty condenser coils, and loose components. 
  • A buzzing noise from the AC unit may also be a sign of an obstruction near the copper lines connected to the air conditioner. 
  • The most significant issue that may be the culprit of this problem is a refrigerant leak. 


  • Please do not ignore a buzzing noise. 
  • Be proactive for the servicing and maintenance check of the unit by a licensed professional.

Rattling noise-

If your air conditioner unit is making a rattling noise, the primary reason behind it is loose sticks, dirt, or leaves in your outdoor condenser unit. 


  • This noise is mainly noticed when a speck of major dirt and pollutant is clogging in the outdoor condenser unit.


  • The easiest method to fix the issue is to disassemble the unit to remove these items. 
  • In a worst-case scenario, a damaged electrical contractor may produce this air conditioner sound in your system.

Clicking noise-

While it is customary to hear a clicking noise at the beginning or end of your cooling cycles in some sir conditioner units, it is not expected to listen to a continuous clicking sound from your air conditioner. 


  • This type of noise may be an indicator of a malfunctioning thermostat. 
  • Since the procedure of removing and installing a new thermostat is not easy, you will need a professional to fix the issue.


  • Call a professional person to look up the issue and fix it.

Hissing noise-

If your air conditioner unit is making a hissing noise, this may be a signal of a moderate to severe air duct leak in your house. 


  • This noise may also be the product of a malfunctioning expansion valve or an air filter incompatible with your system. 


  • Do not wait and call a professional service member to inspect your air conditioning system and go for the answer to the problem.

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Bubbling noise-

The most common reason behind the bubbling noise from the air conditioner unit is the excessive amount of moisture, either in the unit or outside the unit. 


  • This type of noise may be produced by a blockage, minor crack, or hole in your drainage pipe. 
  • If you are handy instrumentation, it will be easy to disassemble your air conditioner to inspect the drainage line. 
  • On the other hand, it is also recommended to replace the drainage line on your own. 


  • To fix the bubbling noise from the air conditioner, one will require some special tools, equipment, skills, and training. 
  • Please do not hesitate and call a certified technician to ensure the job is completed correctly and safely.


To sum up, with the content, why is your AC making noise, read the above article, which elaborates on the most common 8 types of AC making noises with their leading root cause and solution.

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