Are you facing ac tripping problems? – Summer days in India are getting hotter, so the necessity and the requirements of an air conditioner unit are also increasing. In the amid of hot summer noon, imagine AC tripping problems, which is a trouble maker.

The current article is focused on providing a concentrated authenticity about 5 critical reasons for AC tripping problems. If this frequently happens with you at your home, then this article is sure to be a guide part to you.

What is meant by an AC circuit breaker?

In everyday language, a circuit breaker is a safety switch built into the house’s electrical system. This switch will automatically stop the flow of electricity to any component or device consuming too high power. This stoppage of energy will help prevent an electrical overload that can potentially lead to a major electrical fire. 

Your AC circuit breaker will get tripped if it pulls in more power than your circuit breaker is rated for. However, if your air conditioner keeps on tripping the circuit breaker, then it could be a significant reason for concern. 

Here we have 5 critical reasons for AC tripping problems for you.

5 critical reasons for AC tripping problems

ac tripping problem

The AC tripping, when it happens frequently, is a significant reason to concern. There can be internal or any external damage in the unit behind this AC tripping problem. Here are five critical reasons for AC tripping problems with a key added solution to avoid the problem.

Clogged air filter

Every air conditioner unit comes fitted with a screen that blocks harmful pollutants like dirt, debris, and tiny insects from entering the team. With usage and time, there are chances of the filter getting clogged. Once this clogging happens, the AC’s blower has to work harder to circulate the clean air through the filter. In turn, this will cause the fan to pull in more electricity and consume more power than needed, hence creating circuit tripping problems.

How to avoid the problem?

  • Regular maintenance
  • Clean out your AC filter once a month
  • Change the filter if it has become obsolete.

Faulty circuit breaker

Sometimes, the reason for frequent AC tripping problems could lie within the circuit breaker unit itself. The wires connected to the circuit breaker may have come loose; the unit itself may be defective and require replacement, or it could even be the case of a simple electrical wire issue. Often with use, the circuit breaker’s capacitator could also fail.

 How to avoid the problem?

  • Get in touch with the professionals. 
  • Regular maintenance and servicing of your AC unit are crucial to rectify further more damage.

Dirt and dust accumulation on the outside unit

Any simple AC consists of two separate units – the internal and external units. The internal unit absorbs heat from the air with the help of the refrigerant. This air further percolates and is then sent to your external team to disperse the heat. However, the external unit is susceptible to being clogged with dirt and debris. Since dirt and pollutants act as an insulator, the exterior team will not dispel the heat adequately. In this case, the AC will keep running, trying to disperse the heat until your circuit breaker trips.

How to avoid the problem?

  • You will need to get the condenser unit professionally cleaned. 
  • Do not attempt cleaning the team yourself.

Compressor unit failure

The compressor unit of any air conditioner is known as its heart.

When the compressor unit starts up, it pulls in a lot of electricity and consumes power. As the compressor ages, it will start consuming a lot more electricity which is not required. Sometimes, the compressor will experience a “hard start,” meaning it will pull in too much electricity causing your circuit breaker to trip, which is also known as one of the worst types of AC tripping problems.

How to avoid the problem?

  • You will indeed require some professional person to help and deal with the compressor. 
  • A professional; technician will have to install a “hard start kit” or a capacitor, giving the unit an extra jolt of electricity to get it moving.

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Refrigerant leakage

The refrigerant in the AC unit is typically a fluid found within the internal components. It works in an algorithm with your compressor unit and evaporator, absorbing heat from the environment and providing cooling or cooled air. An older or aged AC unit or one that has experienced significant wear and tear can develop corrosion around the refrigerant coils and lead to cracks, holes, and ultimately your refrigerant leaking. As your refrigerant levels drop due to leakage, the AC unit will try harder to cool your space, leading to a circuit trip.

How to avoid the problem?

  • You will see a gradual or quick drop in your AC’s performance; notify your AC repair professional immediately to avoid significant problems in the future.


To sum it up, the 5 critical reasons for AC tripping are the most common and specifically hand-picked for our readers. As the article does provide a different section of the solution to the problems, you will find it more manageable and exciting to read and get the information.

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