Are you Air Conditioner filters? – Any component of the whole air conditioner unit is equally essential for its overall efficiency and effective working mechanism. Similarly, AC filters, which look like a unit’s standard component, are of higher importance as its tool mainly filters the air.

The present article is all about air conditioner filters, types of AC filters, and many more.

What are air conditioner filters?

An AC filter is a device for filtering particles from the air. An air conditioner filters consist of a porous structure through which coarse and large harmful particles cannot pass through. An air conditioner obstructs the passage of dangerous pollutants and allergens entering the indoor environment. 

AC filters are mostly made from a fine fiberglass thread, spun on a frame or from a fine paper or cloth wrapped on a hard and though cardboard frame.

Cleaning air conditioner filters are essential for people sensitive to air quality and have allergies or diseases such as asthma. 

Types of AC filters

Air conditioner filters

With an up-gradation of new technologies, air filters also improve their modes of operation and forms. There are primarily 4 types of air conditioner filters. They are-

Fiberglass air conditioner filters

These AC filters are most common and are designed for single use only. Strands or fibres of fiberglass material are spread out over a metal or on a cardboard frame. These fiberglass filters then serve as a barrier for harmful particles.

High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air conditioner Filters

These filters are the talk of the town these days. HEPA AC filters work at a very minute scale and are strictly controlled by effective regulations. According to the American standard, this type of filter can filter approximately 99.97 percent of all airborne particles sized minor as 0.3 microns or larger.

A HEPA filter’s working algorithm is slightly different from other types to ensure the effective elimination of particles. 

Pleated Air Filters

Like the fiberglass AC filters, pleated filters utilize polyester cloth material to perform the filtration process. They are usually known much more capable of stopping dust flow into a room.

The polyester cloth is arranged explicitly in an accordion shape, providing a much larger surface area than any flat filter. The larger surface area of filters presents less resistance to airflow and makes for long-lasting and durable.

Reusable or washable air conditioner filters

Washable AC filters are cloth-based filters that can be washed and then reused again. These are relatively known as cheap filters that are designed for low-intensity use. They are usually suitable for high pollutant environments.

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Why do we require to change the air conditioner filter?

Over a specific period, various hazardous pollutant particles accumulate within the air conditioner porous filter pattern and reduce the total volume of air passing through them. Reduction in the air passing through the filters means there is some clogging in the air conditioner filter. For the extra air passage and cooling, you will require to change the setting, ultimately hampering and overloading the air conditioner unit.

This results in a higher energy bill at the end of the month and degraded air conditioner efficiency. 

Drawbacks of Clogged air conditioner filter-

  • Clogged AC filters can result in energy bills rising to 15% higher than usual. 
  • Another drawback of a clogged AC filter is the reintroduction of harmful pollutants into the air. 
  • Due to the large number of contaminants locked in the porous structure in the filter, when an AC reverses airflow, there is a high chance that some pollutants will make their way back into the air and result in even dirtier air than before in the room. 

How often should you clean the Air Conditioner filter?

Regular air conditioner filter cleaning is necessary, but how often you should clean it depends on your usage. It is best to clean the air conditioner filters every two weeks, this is roughly 200-250 hours of use & get them replaced every 2 to 3 months. It is essential to replace your air conditioner filters before they completely stop working. There are also various home methods to clean the filters, like with the help of soap, water, and all. On the other hand, you can also call a professional air conditioner service person from the company to check your air conditioner filter.


Adding up the final words for the article on AC filters, we have tried to provide you with the most important basic information about the air conditioner filters, types of AC filters, and when to change the air conditioner filter

As an essential component of the whole air conditioner unit, one should take reasonable notice of its malfunction, always contact the professional, and be sincere about periodic maintenance and servicing of the air conditioning system.

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