Preventive maintenance is an essential key to keeping your home’s air conditioning system running efficiently. During hot months, your air conditioner will be in heavy use, so it is vital to maintain it.

There is one you should keep in mind when you are calling for your maintenance. If you are going to call for a professional technician for your periodic Air conditioner maintenance, keep in mind to make an air conditioner maintenance checklist to keep a record.

Read the below article of 7 essential things to include in your air conditioner maintenance checklist.

7 essential things to include in an air conditioner maintenance Checklist

Air conditioner maintenance checklist

Let us discuss the central part of our content of an air conditioner maintenance checklist. Have you ever thought about why to maintain an air conditioner maintenance checklist? Here are the answers.

  1. to record the efficiency of an air conditioner unit
  2. it keeps your air conditioner unit healthy

Air Filter Replacement

Air filters are the most common reason for any fault in the Air conditioner unit. It should be the first thing to be replaced every 1-2 months.

Maintaining the air filter on your air conditioning unit is the most straightforward task you can conduct as a homeowner. Most filters are disposable, so maintenance is as easy as removing the old filter and replacing it with a new one.

It would be best to replace an air filter at LEAST every three months (90 days). If you use thinner, non-pleated air filters (such as plastic or fiberglass), you should change every one month. 

Evaporator and condenser coils

Dirty coils can reduce the efficiency of your air conditioner.

To maintain your evaporator coils and condenser coils, first, inspect them and keep an eye out for any damage to your locks since that will inhibit their performance and efficiency. If the coil has a crack or a hole, the refrigerant will leak out, rendering your AC system inoperable.

To clean the condenser coil on the outdoor unit, you can spray it down with a garden hose with detergent liquid. If your condenser coil is filthy or has built-up dirt or grime, we recommend using an AC coil cleaner solution to aid in cleaning the ring.

Inspect for a drain line and drain pan

A clogged and chocked drain line or drain pan will cause a huge mess.

Keeping your unit’s drain line and drain pain clean is essential for a clean AC system. While a dirty and clogged drain line or pan doesn’t directly affect the performance of your AC system, it can create a muddy mess in or around your AC unit if not appropriately maintained. Slimy and any organic material coat the inside of drain lines and won’t cause any problems at first. 

Lubricate blower and condenser fans

Fans should be able to rotate freely and need some oil to do so.

Lubricating the fan motor is essential, particularly for Air conditioner condenser fan motors. Since condensers are usually on the outer unit, the fan motor is subjected to rain, dirt, and debris. For this reason, it is essential to keep the condenser fan motor in good working condition by oiling it regularly. High-pitched screeching noise from a condenser fan of the unit is a tell-tale sign that it needs oil.

Inspect for electrical wirings and controls

Loose connections of any electrical wires can cause equipment failure or fires. Even though most air conditioner units’ electrical maintenance should be left for the professionals, they have the current knowledge for such problems. Please do not do it yourself as it can end up in a more complicated and messy condition.

Check the thermostat 

The thermostat should control the Air conditioner unit properly. It is the central unit for the total working efficiency of any air conditioner unit. A professional person should also do the thermostat inspection. The problems or any minor fault in the thermostat of an air conditioner can lead to significant issues.

Inspect for an air conditioner duct

Dusty air registers reduce airflow. Even though ductwork is less complicated than other parts of your air conditioner system, it can also have problems. The ductwork delivers central air to the various parts of your home, so you need to ensure that it is intact. A little dust is regular, but look out for thick layers of dust and balls of lint. Also, look for other major organic mold or animals that can affect the duct system at a higher pace.

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The air conditioner maintenance checklist should be maintained by every individual regularly. It has proved to be beneficial to both the user and the professional. It can also lead to extra cost cuts when you know the exact time and date for several parts’ replacement and cleaning schedules. An air conditioner maintenance checklist also keeps your unit healthy and safe.

Read the above article on 7 things to include in Air conditioner maintenance checklist and avail of the information.

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