Are you searching Air Conditioner Problems? As soon as the summer season arrives, we all have an extreme urge and dependency on the incredible and comfy air. Air conditioner units are such equipment which provides all this cool air due to its mechanism to the humankind. For several years, there has been an exponential sell and increase of the air conditioner unit requirement in the market. 

The air conditioner is also a regular electric appliance that requires regular maintenance and servicing for its effective working. Any failure to look after the health of an air conditioner unit leads to air conditioner problems. 

In this article, we are here with the 5 most common air conditioner problems and their solutions for the homeowners.

5 most common air conditioner problems

Air Conditioner Problems

This article segment is specifically concise to provide concentrated content on the 5 most common air conditioner problems. We have also availed the solution for the problem under each heading to make it more informative and valuable.

Indoor unit water leaks

Several times, the homeowners go through this common air conditioner problem. The main reason for indoor water leaks from an air conditioner unit might be that the condensate drain pipe of the system may have got clogged up due to algae or fungi and causing the water to back up the line and into your home. Another primary possible reason for this problem could be that your condensate pump may have broken down entirely and require replacement.


  • Clean the clogged drain pipe.
  • Replace the drain pipe.

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Outdoor unit water leaks

 The indoor air conditioning unit leaks; there is also a primary air conditioner problem of outdoor unit leaks in the humid season. Even on hot summer days, there might be a puddle of water outside the house right under the compressor unit of your air conditioner. The primary reason behind this can be a dry air filter, broken condensate pan, bad AC seal, improper installation, etc.


  • Call the professional for the servicing.
  • Diagnose the exact issue with the air conditioner problem.

Damaged Compressor unit

One of the integral AC components is the compressor unit which helps the refrigerants to carry out heat exchange and regulates the AC pressure. Dirty and blocked coils, changes in refrigerant levels, and lack of lubrication can result in AC compressor unit failure.

If there is insufficient air refrigerant, the compressor will become hot and will gradually stop working. If there is more refrigerant, the excess refrigerant will lead to increased pressure in the unit, which can also cause it to fail.


  • Contact your local air conditioning service professional to solve this common Air conditioner problem. 
  • If there is severe damage in the unit, go for replacing the compressor unit instead of performing air conditioning repair.

Frozen Evaporator Coil

If your air conditioner unit is not cooling correctly, a frozen evaporator coil could be the main reason. It is a standard air conditioner problem and occurs when your team does not receive enough air to operate normally due to debris build-up.

The dirt and pollutant accumulated on the coil surface restrict the airflow and warm up the air that does not reach the refrigerant component. In this case, the refrigerant of AC becomes too cold, and the coils freeze. 

Over time, the coil is completely blocked with ice, preventing the refrigerant in the coil from absorbing latent heat.


  • Let the evaporator coil thaw (defrost). 
  • The evaporator coil usually takes a minimum of 24 hours to defrost thoroughly. 
  • One can speed up the process by using a hairdryer. 

Capacitor Failure of the air conditioner unit

Sometimes, when your AC turns on and off abruptly, accompanied by a clicking sound, it signals about the capacitor issue. A capacitor is an essential part of your air conditioning unit and is responsible for giving the motor an initial push to start working.

The main reason behind this air conditioner problem is the overheating of the capacitor unit. Another reason can be significant power fluctuations.


  • Contact a professional to get your capacitor checked. 
  • Unfortunately, you cannot repair or replace it on your own as there is a risk of an electric shock.


The about listed air conditioner problems are most common and can be partially managed by homeowners. Some of the significant difficulties need to be inspected by professionals. We have tried to provide the best guide in the above article about the 5 most common air conditioner problems. Please read the above article and avail the information about the solutions for the same.

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