Traffic pollution has increased a lot these days and to control it, and we need the best air purifier for traffic pollution. 

But unfortunately, many people don’t know which is the best air purifier for car pollution. So, make sure to read this complete article for information. 

The air purifier is an essential requirement due to the regular increase in air pollution. The more use of cars, bikes, and trucks is one of the main reasons for that.

An air purifier purifies the pollution and neutralizes airborne allergies such as pollen, microbes and mold spores, etc.

Risk factors living near a highway 

Traffic is one of the worst nuisances in cities. When they are designed to carry only specific traffic, they inevitably become jammed during rush hours. 

This contributes significantly to pollution, causing seepage of harmful gases into the air from motorcycle exhaust pipes and excessive use of cars, trucks, and buses.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reports that those living, working, or going to school in heavy traffic neighborhoods are at a much higher risk of short and long-term health issues because they are exposed to high levels of air pollutants. 

Such pollutants can lead to asthma, heart and breathing problems in adults, impaired lung development in children, and some other more severe health conditions.

Do air purifiers work for traffic pollution?

Air purifiers are a popular method of minimizing the harmful effects of traffic pollution. Many people use them to put their minds to rest, even when there are other, more straightforward ways to protect themselves and their environment from air pollution.

Well, air purifiers are designed to remove dust and small particles from the air. They do not effectively cleanse the air of traffic pollution because these devices can filter only particulate pollutants. Traffic pollution contains both particulate and gaseous forms of contaminants.

When there are higher levels of traffic, the number of pollutants in the air increases. These particles contaminate the air we breathe in and cause serious health hazards.

Vehicles are a significant source of air pollutants. The primary pollutants they release into the air include gases in used engine oil, brake and tire dust, road dust, vehicle exteriors, and engine outgasses. Inefficient vehicles cause more emissions than do fuel-efficient vehicles. This released air contains harmful elements and is referred to as smog.

The effectiveness of air purifiers for traffic pollution is dependent on the particle size and chemical makeup of the pollutants at hand. The dangers of vehicle pollution are varied, and as such, so are the types of air purifiers available for these situations. 

For example, while some air filters can eliminate carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, and particulate matter from a vehicle’s exhaust, they cannot tackle dioxide d’azote or ozone. Meanwhile, other air purifiers focus specifically on certain airborne pollutants – such as pollen or engine smoke – leaving some harmful toxins. 

7 Best Air purifier for traffic pollution

Best Air purifier for traffic pollution
Best Air purifier for traffic pollution

There are a lot of air purifiers available in the market. But remember that you have to choose the best air purifiers for road pollution. Some of the most used air purifiers for road pollution are:-

Winix HR900 Air Purifier – Best Air purifier for traffic pollution

Winix HR900 Air purifier for traffic pollution
Winix HR900 Air Purifier
  • Product Dimensions- 16.3 x 9.6 x 23.6 inches
  • Item Weight- 18.7 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Winix
  • ASIN- B07JXLH58N
  • Item model number- 1022-0164-12

The Winix HR900 is a five-stage cleaner that’s particularly good at dealing with smoke, dust, and fine animal fur.

Winix HR900 is the state of an art air purifier designed to assist allergy sufferers with removing smoke, dust, and animal dander.

Winix HR900 is an air purifier that cleanses the air in your home by capturing harmful allergens, smoke, odors, and other pollutants. It has five stages of filtration.

Find out more about the Winix HR900. It’s a 5 stage purification system and an effective solution to anyone dealing with this problem.

Special Features 

  • Specific Pet Pre-filter – It helps prevent the pet hair and fine visible particles from going inside and damage the filter.
  • PlasmaWave Innovative Air Cleaning Technology – This air purifier creates hydroxyl to kill the viruses and bacteria present in the air.
  • Absorbs Odor – This air purifier reduces VOCs and odors from smoke, pet, and the kitchen. It also increases the lifespan of the Ture HEPA filter, which prevents airborne allergies like pollen, dust, microbes, and mold spores.


  • VOC & particle sensors
  • Two-year warranty
  • True HEPA filter with advanced carbon filter
  • Quiet and meet all the expectations of a pet lover.


  • Replacement Filters are pretty expensive.

Bissell Air320 Air Purifier

Bissell Air320 Air purifier for traffic pollution
Bissell Air320 Air Purifier
  • Product Dimensions- 8.3 x 14.75 x 25 inches
  • Item Weight- 18.25 pounds
  • Manufacturer- Bissell
  • Item model number – 2768A

Mr. Bissel’s highly competent air purifier eliminates much of the dust, smoke, and odor from the surrounding environment by its constant filtration process. The Bissel 2768A air purifier is capable enough for this task.

The Bissel 2768A air purifier is the ideal tool to clean up the air in your workplace. This machine’s 20″ diameter wheels make it more than capable of tackling the dirtiest spaces.

It comes with a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, a HEPA filter assembly, and a fan. The sensors count the number of particles which indicates whether the air is clean or dirty. 

This model features a HEPA filter, Pre-filter, and activated carbon layer filter. The cleaner also has a 5-speed fan.

Special features 

  • Automated Circulate System – This features monitors and circulates the air according to the need. It adjusts the fan speed.
  • 3 Stage Filtration – This model features a three-stage filtration system that includes a premium pre-filter, an activated carbon, and a HEPA filter. These filters prevent dust, smoke, hair, and dander.
  • Integrated functional design – Along with a quiet fan speed option, it consists of a discreet cord wrap, an automated night mode, and intuitive controls


  • An intuitive controls design
  • Three-layer Filtration
  • Quiet fan speed option
  • Night mode automation
  • Particle sensor


  • Improper customer care service

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Air purifier

Dyson Pure Cool TP04 Air Purifier traffic pollution.
Dyson Pure Cool TP04
  • Color White/Silver
  • Brand Dyson
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 8.77 x 8.77 x 41.49 inches
  • Power Source Corded Electric
  • Item Weight 10.89 Pounds

This air purifier reduces allergen content in the indoor air to a minimum so that you and your family can breathe healthy, clean air. It is quite an eye-catcher that will fit perfectly in any living room, bedroom or office.

The Dyson Air Purifier is the only cleaner necessary. Unlike any other cleaner on the market, it combines elegance and power. Its unique design and performance will impress you, yet it is engineered to be user-friendly so that anyone can use it.

While the Dyson Air cleaner looks like a sculpture, it has everything you need for cleaner living. From allergens to dust mites, clean air is just a button away with this cleaner.

Dyson’s eye-catching Air Multiplier technology provides pure, concentrated airflow for optimal cooling and purification. Its revolutionary design creates smooth, silent, powerful air without requiring any blades or grilles. It is the most powerful fan on the market.

Special features

  • 360° filtration – This air purifier uses a Hepa filter to capture 99.97% small pollutants and an activated carbon filter that removes toxic gases and odors.
  • Voice Controller – An interesting fact about this air purifier is that you can instruct it with your voice instructions like Amazon Alexa or Google Siri. 
  • Low maintenance – One of the prime reasons to consider this air purifier for traffic pollution is its low maintenance and easy-to-replace filters.


  • Best for people with Asthma
  • Consistent airflow throughout the room
  • Voice control system
  • High airflow delivery rate


  • Quite expensive

IQAir HealthPro Plus air purifier – Best Air purifier for sulfur dioxide

IQAir Health Pro Air purifier for traffic pollution
IQAir HealthPro Plus
  • Product Dimensions 16 x 15 x 28 inches
  • Item Weight 35 pounds
  • Manufacturer IQAir
  • Item model number HealthPro Plus
  • Color White

Airborne contaminants can infiltrate all of the nooks and crannies in your home or office, including the healthiest looking indoor environs. 

IQAir HealthPro Plus is a professional ultra air purifier featuring advanced HyperHEPA filtration technologies that effectively absorb more than 350 times the amount of fine dust than the highest EPA-rated HEPA filter. 

This revolutionary technology prevents nearly 100 percent of airborne particles that are sized down to 0.003 microns from spreading into your living space.

IQAir HealthPro Plus uses a true HEPA filter with patented HyperHEPA filtration to capture particles sized down to 0.003 microns. When the air you breathe is filtered this effectively, you can be sure you live in the best quality air possible.

HealthPro Plus is tested to ensure that it’s the best and safest product on the market today. It uses hypoallergenic materials and removes 99.97% of airborne particles from the air.

Special features

  • IQAir advanced HyperHEPA filters – This air purifier contains a powerful filtration that captures 100x smaller than 0.3 microns, even much smaller than a virus.
  • Even flow diffuser – This diffuser features a noise-free air outlet with a 360° airflow. It evenly distributes the air throughout the room.
  • Sophisticated controls – It provides a programmable operating button with a filter life monitoring. Its color-coded lights give a signal when a filter needs to be changed.


  • Triple Seal technology
  • Powerful & advanced filtration
  • Noiseless
  • Low maintenance
  • Value for money


  • High power consumption

Austin Air B400B1 HealthMate Standard Air purifier – Best Air purifier for exhaust fumes

Austin Air B400B1 Air Purifier traffic pollution
Austin Air B400B1 HealthMate Standard
  • Brand Austin Air
  • Material Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 14.5 x 14.5 x 23 inches
  • Compatible devises Air Purifier
  • ASIN B0007Y830I
  • Item model number B400B1

For more than thirty years, the Austin Air B400B1 HealthMate Standard Air Purifier has been a highly enticing and trusted purifier brand. 

This machine is made with high-quality materials, combining to create the most effective home air purification system on the market.

The Austin Air B400B1 HealthMate Standard Air Purifier is a compact and highly performant machine.

Austin Air HealthMate B400B1 purifier provides quality air filtration to remove particles from your home’s interior.

Whether you want to freshen the air in your home or a large office and industrial complex, Austin Air B400B1 can do the job.

Special features

  • 4 stage filtration – Its medical-grade true Hepa filter removes 99.97% of pollutants, and its 4 stage filtration prevents dust, pollen, dander, etc.
  • Reduce Allergies – This air purifier helps in reducing wheezing, coughing, sneezing, runny nose, dry mouth, snoring, asthma attacks, etc., by strengthening your immune system.
  • It offers a five-year lifespan of filters


  • Most preferable for removing toxic gases
  • Durable filter life
  • Power airflow


  • A bit noisy
  • Expensive filters

Mooka GL-FS32 Air Purifier – Best Air purifier for Apartment

Mooka GL-FS32 Air Purifier traffic pollution
Mooka GL-FS32
  • Color White
  • Brand MOOKA
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 13.8 x 7.1 x 18.3 inches
  • Power Source Corded Electric
  • Item Weight 12.3 Pounds

Mooka GL-FS32 Air Purifier is a versatile air purifier and is designed to remove air pollutants quickly. It features a HEPA filter for 99.67% airborne toxics cleaning. An activated carbon filter and a VOC absorber are introduced to handle the odor, dust, or smoke of a car. It can clean the air in six different dimensions due to its 6D filtration.

Mooka GL-FS32 is capable of cleaning a large room of 1350 square feet within 60 mins. At the same time, it’s ideal for small spaces. Whether you’re using it in an apartment, office, or home, it is designed to perform perfectly.

It offers convenient features like a built-in timer (1-8 hours), preconfigured sleep mode, filter replacement reminder, and self-off night light. Mooka GL-FS32 is available at decent pricing with three years of warranty and 30 days no-hassle return or refund.

Special features

Auto Sensor Mode – Mooka GL-FS32 has an inbuilt odor, and the smoke sensor is considered an intelligent odor eliminator. When you set it to auto mode, it will adjust the fan speed according to the needs. When someone fires a cigarette in a room or you’re cooking, then it’ll set to smoke and odor eliminator by itself.

6D filtration – Mooka GL-FS32 offers 6D filtration, including a pre-filter, an activated carbon, a HEPA filter, a VOC absorber, a UV sterilizer, and a negative ion generator.

Convenient features – Mooka GL-FS32 offers convenient features, including remote control features, a self-night-off mode, a built-in timer, filter replacement reminder, and a preconfigured sleep mode. 


  • Extremely Noiseless
  • Relatively easy to use and set up
  • It comes with UV mode
  • Affordable pricing


  • The air sensor isn’t that accurate.

AIRMEGA 300 The Smarter Air Purifier

AIRMEGA 300 air purifier pollution
  • Colour White
  • Brand AIRMEGA
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 34.5 x 53.2 x 34.5 Centimeters
  • Item Weight 21.4 Pounds
  • Control Method Touch
  • ASIN ‏ : ‎ B01C9RI96S

The best air purifier for traffic pollution should clean large rooms and serve the quality. AIRMEGA 300 meets all the requirements of buyers. It’s is super quiet, is available at decent pricing, it is robust and durable. Thus, this is the ideal air purifier for car pollution. 

It is designed to clean the high ratio of smoke in the big room of 1246 square feet in just half an hour. The four-stage filtration system will never let any germs or pollutants enter your room. It consists of a pre-filter, an activated carbon filter, a preferable True HEPA filter, and an ionizer booster that freshen up the air within half an hour. 

The model is designed to serve quality with durability. It is noise-free and usually sounds 55 decibels to 24 decibels from maximum to minimum speed. In a nutshell, this one is for those looking for an air purifier that offers modern features at very decent pricing and serves long durability. 

Special features

4X Airflow – Its air changes per hour is 4X that means it exchanges the fresh air every 15 minutes, which is pretty remarkable.

Ideal for significant areas – AIRMEGA 300 can clean a room of 1500 square feet. This shows its power. Also, its CADR is 246/240/233 for dust, pollen, and impressive smoke. 

4 layer Filtration – One of the best things about this air purifier is that it freshens up the room’s air by cleaning 99.67% pollutants through its 4 stage filtration.


  • Pretty inexpensive
  • No noise at all
  • Accessible to Command & Control
  • Too powerful


  • It’s New in the market!

Can air purifiers remove pollution?

The short answer is Yup! Of course, an air purifier can remove pollution. 

Air pollution is a global problem. The World Health Organization reported in 2016 that out of 92 countries that were surveyed, 88 had unhealthy levels of outdoor air pollution.

But with an increase in cars on the road and a growing population, do air purifiers help resolve traffic pollution?

Air purifiers are a popular choice for mitigating the impact of pollution on our surroundings; whether they work as well as they claim has been debated. Some studies suggest that air purifiers fail to filter out harmful pollutants from vehicle exhaust.

Since air pollution directly affects residents’ health in areas close to roads, they must rely on air purifiers. These machines are not as efficient against other pollutants, but they can combat other air pollutants that cause health impairments.


Do these air purifiers help in curing allergies or Asthma? 

Air purifiers prevent asthma attacks and allergies by filtering out airborne particles like dust and pollen. They do not, however, cure allergies or Asthma. Instead, they act as a precautionary step towards a better quality of life.

Do these air purifiers remove the odor? 

The activated carbon filter is one of the best odor elimination solutions you can install in your home. It’s a highly sought-after anti-odor component for many homeowners and property managers because it effectively eliminates odors caused by smoke, pets, food, garbage, and even baby diapers.

What are the side effects of using air purifiers? 

Generally, air purifiers don’t emit any harmful or irritating gases. But there are a few air purifiers on the market that use electrostatic precipitators and ionizers; these may talk about minor points of ozone. Before you purchase any air purifier, make sure to consult the product details.

What do I need to consider before buying an air purifier for traffic pollution?

As far as your health is concerned, an air purifier with the right filtration system should be our priority to consider. Having a HEPA filter isn’t enough; you need to focus on the filters that remove airborne allergies, toxic gases, and fine particles.
An activated carbon filter would work better; it absorbs all the harmful gases, airborne toxins, etc. However, the size of the filter should also be considered. A smaller filter will be less effective compared to a larger filter.

Is it risky to live near the highway?

Recent studies indicate that toxins emitted through tailpipe emissions significantly impact air quality in a two-thousand-foot radius. 
Traffic or air pollution directly affects the overall health of residents living in areas close to roads; they must use ain air purifiers. These machines are not as efficient against other pollutants, but they can combat other air pollutants that cause health impairments.

Does an air purifier help with Covid?

Air purifiers can help reduce the risk of airborne toxins, including viruses in a room or your house. However, a portable air purifier by itself isn’t strong enough to protect you from Covid-19. Although using an air purifier with parts recommended by the Central Association for disease prevention and control, the risk can be reduced.

Does an air purifier help in oxygen?

One of the famous myths regarding air purifier is that it reduces oxygen, but air purifier doesn’t lower the amount of oxygen. It is designed to clean your surrounding air. However, an activated carbon filter takes up oxygen while filtering the air, but this amount is negligible. It makes your surrounding air clean and fresh so that you can breathe more comfortably.

How long does it take an air purifier to clean a room?

It depends on the size of the room. Although, On average, an air purifier takes up to 40 minutes to 2 hours to clean the air of your room. However, the cleaning process also depends on the model or “air changes per hour.” Weather and residence also play a significant role in how quickly your air purifier is working. There are an excessive amount of pollutants present in summer. Thus, it takes far more time to clean them all.

Do air purifiers reduce immunity?

 It’s another misconception about air purifiers. Although, more exposure to toxic air or pollutants will lower your immunity. When contaminants such as dust, pollen, dander and, PM2.5, etc., stabs your lungs, they result in irreversible damage that causes health issues such as Asthma, COPD, lung cancer, etc. So, using an air purifier will help you to boost your immunity rather than reducing it.

Should you run an air purifier with the windows open?

Using an air purifier with open windows or doors is not a bad idea. It’s great to meet your fresh air requirements and for continuous airflow. Although, the air purifier will purify the new pollutants coming from windows.


I encourage you to consider the purchase of the best air purifier for traffic pollution. Larger models are more effective than smaller ones, but both can reduce many harmful substances found in the city air.

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