Are you wondering about Effect of Air conditioner on environment? – We are aware of the dangerous fact that is global warming, and the speed with which it is rising day by day. If talking honestly with the advancement in technology, environmental loss is also on it’s peak. One of the examples of things that are affecting the environment on a higher level is ‘AC’ (Air Conditioner).

Air Conditioner

Today, air con may be a staple of life in New Jersey and far off the globe. As of 1990, there have been four hundred million air con units within the world, with most of them set within the USA. it absolutely was originally supposed for industrial use. The trade had struggled to convince the general public that air con was a necessity, till it began to enter people’s homes within the late Nineteen Forties, which began the air conditioner’s reign within the USA. Here within the Ocean and Monmouth County space of recent Jersey, it’s laborious to imagine navigating a summer while not it. We rely thereon to chill and climate-control our homes, workplace buildings, and cars. It’s not shocking that we regularly take it without any consideration.

CFCs and HFCs- a bad elements of air conditioner unit

Air conditioners uses CFCs and HFCs as cooling agents which creates byproduct of gases that are harmful to environment. The gas that were used in old refrigerators are more dangerous and affect Environment at higher level causing global warming and big amount of holes in ozone layer . Whereas the recently used refrigerants that is hydrofluorocarbons does not affect ozone but leads to greenhouse effect. We fastened the matter of CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) impacting the ozonosphere by forbidding their use, however HFCs have taken longer and ar presently being phased out. The older fridges and ACs ar additional possible to be unseaworthy the things, particularly if they haven’t been maintained properly. however, all of those HVAC units increase greenhouse emission emissions through enhanced energy use.

And at the same time, it uses high amount of energy. Burning of fossils, gas aur liquid resource led to more damaging of environment.

AC and its effect on global warming

effect of air conditioner on environment

Though the air conditioner is nice, we should always remember how it affects the environment. Air conditioner has a direct effect on global warming. The harmful gases like CFC that is chlorofluorocarbon is emitted into the environment damaging the air at higher rate, the identical way that other machines that burn fossil fuels do. Most air conditioner works on electricity and use a refrigerant that emits harmful gases in environment resulting in ozone depletion. The future is near when 25% of the global warming will be due to air conditioning.

Day by day temperature is rising and people are preferring air conditioning which is further increasing global temperature.

Harmful effect of air conditioner on environment

There are ample of harmful effects of air conditioner on environment. As we have mentioned earlier in the article, about the chlorofluorocarbons and other harmful elements in the air conditioner unit. Apart of all these, air conditioner also affects our health which increases the risk factors for our lives. Many doctors also do recommend to use less air conditioner or not to be dependent on an air conditioner.

What we can do!

All we can do is plant more and more trees, that’s the only way we can control this increasing toxic environment full of harmful gases and warmth. Like trees planted at the footpaths to provide shade and will make environment healthier to breathe.

Though the environment is hot but one can stil manage with fans and coolers.

Hence change start from one and then becomes a revolution. So, for a much healthier environment we all have to come together and save our environment. That’s the only way left for now.

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Effect of Air conditioner on environment has direct impact on air pollution and serious matters like global warming. Here in the above article, we have availed the breid information about harmful effects of air conditioner on environment and health as well as effects of air conditioner on global warming as well.

Read the above article about Effect of Air conditioner on environment and avail the information.

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