Are you wondering about how to control ac with phone? Do you wish to control AC lying down on the couch with your phone? In the amid of lazy noon, it is so painful to get up and get the AC remote when your AC remote is far away. But don’t worry, here we are introducing some fantastic apps for Android and iOS phones to control AC with phones. The article is all about how to control AC with phones using apps and how to control AC with iPhone.

How to control ac with an android phone?

You’re lucky if you avail an Android phone with an infrared (IR) blaster, you can get many of the same functions without having to shell out hundreds of dollars.

Android phones with IR blasters can communicate with any device that receives commands via IR light beams. These include many of the standard remote-controlled devices in your home, such as TVs, set-top boxes, streaming boxes, home theatre units, air conditioning units, and even microwaves.

The only thing you need to set up is an authentic app that will allow you to issue the IR commands to your electronic device. 

How to control AC using Android phones with the ASmart Remote IR app?

how to control ac with phone

ASmart Remote IR is a remote app with a highly realistic interface that may even beat out Smart IR due to its cool animation effects.

Steps on how to control AC with phone [Android] with the ASmart remote IR app are as follows-

  • Download the app on your android device.
  • Once downloaded, select the device type, brand, and model to set up the remote options.
  • Check for the phone interface showing arrows and buttons to control AC with phone.


  • You can also have various rooms set up for the different rooms in your house and can even customize the names of the rooms and remotes.


  • The app requires a compulsory Wi-Fi connection to work and needs your phone to be IR supported.

ASmart Remote Quick Facts:

  • Supported Android devices: Any Samsung or HTC phone with an IR blaster.
  • Supported IR devices: TVs, set-top boxes, AC, DSLR cameras, DVD/Blu-ray players, home theatre systems, projectors, and streaming boxes.
  • Supported Wi-Fi Devices: None.
  • PC control: No.
  • Customizable buttons: No.

How to control ac with iPhone?

The iOS users can also control AC with phone using these fantastic apps, which are enlisted as below-

How to control AC with Phone via AnyMote

AnyMote for iOS is an application working interface and remote-control feature of home electrical products such as Radio control, DVD player, and music player. Of course, there’s also air conditioning. AnyMote for iPhone is truly the ideal software solution that makes the smart home more controllable than ever.

AnyMote for iPhone main features:

  • Intelligent air conditioner control.
  • Support infrared eye control and Wi-Fi connection.
  • Voice control.
  • Automate tasks.
  • Simple controls.
  • The Interface supports the English language.
  • Built-in control mode editor.

Pros of using AnyMote for iOS:

  • You need an AnyMote Home IR hub to control IR devices, not necessary with WiFi-enabled widgets.
  • Support iOS 8.0 and above operating system.


  • It needs an IR interface to work.

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How to control AC with iPhone via Tado Cooling app?

Similar to the other application, Tado Cooling is an application that allows turning smartphones running iOS into a remote control for excellent air conditioners. Using the Tado Cooling application, you need an additional device: a signal transceiver connecting between the air conditioner and iPhone.

Main features of Tado Cooling:

  • Intelligent air conditioning or heating control.
  • Automatically turn on the air conditioner when you are in the room, and turn off the air conditioner when you leave the room.
  • Tado will always display the current status in the room, such as humidity and temperature, so that you can control and adjust the most suitable temperature.
  • Change air conditioning or heating settings anytime, anywhere.


  • User friendly
  • Easy to understand the app.


  • Needs an additional signal transceiver device.

How to control AC with iPhone via Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control?

Another favourite and widely used application to turn iPhone into a remote control is Peel Universal Smart TV Remote Control. The plus point of the application is that it supports phones with built-in infrared lights, but with non-infrared phones, it also allows to control of smart devices via Wi-Fi connection.


  • The Interface of the application is also quite simple
  • It is very convenient for users


  • Needs Wi-Fi connection with phones not supported for IR infrared.


Adding up the final words, please read the above article on how to control AC with phones using different apps for Android and iPhone users. We have tried to avail the best authentic information about the best apps to use to control AC with phones.

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