Are you wondering about how to hide air conditioner unit outside? There’s no doubt that an air conditioning unit is your primary source of comfort and ease for everyone in these hot seasons. As the unit provides us with comfort, the external unit of the AC is a primary concern as it is a box full of unappealing appearance.

It can ruin your decor and home aesthetics and be an eyesore while strolling in the garden or throwing a backyard party. So how to hide the air conditioner unit outside?

If you are excited to conceal your air conditioner outdoor unit, we have come up with various eye-catchy options for you. Hiding your air conditioner unit outside the unit can be a creative way to showcase your art and improve the house’s decor.

5 Things to mind before hiding the Air Conditioner Unit Outside

How to Hide air conditioner unit outside

Before you dig into concealing your outdoor Air conditioner unit, here are five things that you should take into consideration:

How to Hide air conditioner unit outside

Keep a check on the Maintenance schedule.

The outside unit of an air conditioner needs maintenance, just like the inside Unit. When you are planning to hide the ugly external part, make sure the cover is removable to make room for the routine service.


Your air conditioner unit needs proper ventilation as it works hard to remove heat from your home. The air conditioner unit cover you choose should not suffocate the outside Unit as it will make your air conditioner work harder, reducing its lifespan.

Do not plant much near the outdoor unit.

You might be tempted to hide your outdoor unit behind long, bushy shrubs. You can surely do that, but don’t plant too excess and close; else, it will impact the air circulation and, subsequently, the proper functioning of your air conditioner.

Create a shade

Hiding your air conditioner unit using a shade can also be done to cover the unit. But at times, in hot summers, the shade causes excessive heat production near the outdoor unit, harming the unit and being an issue of concern.

Check the Manufacturer’s guidance.

To be on the safer side, check the Manufacturer’s recommended distance for closure before putting your unit under a cover. It is advisable to maintain the space as well for better safety concerns.

7 Ways to hide your Air Conditioner Unit Outside

Here are 7 creative ideas to hide air conditioning unit outside and maintain the aesthetics and decor of your house:

How about a wooden cover?

The most common solution to hide air conditioning unit outside is to build a wooden covering around it. You can easily construct a creative idea with many DIY options. All you need are some solid and reliable wooden planks, nails, and a hammer to build your fabulous cover. Make sure that the surface is more significant than the unit to ensure proper ventilation. Also, leave some spaces between two planks for the same reason.

You can also contact the professional carpenter services in your area to make your AC cover. You can take additional creative steps using paints or plants to have a decorative outdoor air conditioner cover.

How about a creative outdoor unit house?

A creative and fantastic way to decorate your garden and hide your condenser, both simultaneously, is to build a wooden house. You can create a place in a traditional and authentic roof style, or you can go for something completely different and trendy too. A slanting roof will help slide off the dirt, water, and many other things.

You can also paint your AC house in different colours and can add decorative items on top.

One thing to keep in mind for this idea is that the covering should be removable.

Have you ever thought about planting bushes?

For complete air conditioner coverage, one can plant big green bushes, vines, or ornamental trees. Select plant species that can best tolerate the heat released by the condenser. Hydrangeas, red roses, clematis, and trumpet vines are some of the best options. Keep in mind about not planting more and excess too. Keep on trimming the plantation when they grow to maintain proper air circulation.

A decorative creative box for an outdoor unit?

This method is quite similar to making the wooden box. Instead of removing an entire package, the difference is only that one can open the door for your maintenance and service’s needs.

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How about stack planter boxes?

Use planter boxes that are big enough to hide the air conditioner outside. As mentioned earlier, only plant those species that can tolerate heat emitted by the air conditioner. Placing colourful pots with some green and coloured flowering plants that match a theme can also add a great touch to your decor.

Aluminium slats and outdoor unit?

Aluminium slats are a robust solution to hide your air conditioner. One needs to install the slats, and they will last a long time without any maintenance. You can also add shelves on the side to store different things using the slacks to increase your storage space!

How about growing vine around the unit?

Another green and easy way to block the outdoor air conditioner unit from the view is using trailing vines. One can also use a wood structure for attaching vines and then place them around the unit.


Summing up at the end of the article on, the most unusual and unique 7 ways to hide air conditioner unit outside have been elaborated well. Everyone should consider the 5 things to mind before hiding the air conditioner unit outside. Read the above article on how to hide air conditioner unit outside and gain some information.

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