Physics experts seem to have solved a mystery related to black holes. A team of scientists has discovered what happens to the material that a black hole swallows inside itself. Scientists have named it wormholes. If understood in book language, they exist in the context of space-time as a kind of tunnel whose ends are open on both sides. A black hole is a region of space within which no matter can pass through. It is said that the gravity of a black hole is so strong that anything, even light, is swallowed up inside it. A team from Japan’s RIKEN Research Institute said that black holes are wormholes, which means that black holes have an exit tunnel through which the ingested material is released back into the universe.

The model has been suggested by scientists at RIKEN, including Kanato Goto, a researcher at RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences. The concept seems like a science fiction movie. However, if this fact proves to be true, then the very big mystery about black holes so far will be exposed.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity states that nothing can come out of a black hole. But, in 1970, Stephen Hawking said that radiation emitted while shrinking from a black hole was called Hawking radiation. This is called the evaporation of a black hole. If Hawking’s concept is to be considered as the basis, then the matter which has gone into the black hole should also evaporate as a vapor. But quantum physics says that nothing can be eliminated from the universe. Due to which again a contradiction arises between the two concepts.

Goto in a statement said“This suggests that General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics currently stand in stark contrast to each other. We need to find a combined framework for quantum gravity.”

Till now many efforts have been made to know whether any information can go out from the black hole or not. But till now no definite answer has been found regarding this. Goto and his comrades have tried to describe it. He said, “The wormhole acts like a bridge between the radiation inside and outside the black hole. But some questions are still unanswered. We still do not know the basic mechanism of how information is transmitted through radiation.” can be taken out.”

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