Most common 9 reasons for water dripping from AC – Several things in our life can happen at any time of the day and anywhere; such things or situations may make our typical day a major stress fest. Water dripping noise irritates itself. Water dripping anywhere in the house is one of those instances where you feel impulsive and irritated.
Have you ever experienced water dripping from AC? Do you even know that Dripping water from AC can also be dangerous?
The present article is based on the most neglected topic that is water dripping from AC. The piece of content mainly focused on 9 primary reasons for water dripping from AC.

Water dripping from AC in the rainy season.

Water leaks from the air conditioner unit on mild to heavy rainy days are known as quite usual. If the outdoor unit of the air conditioner is installed on the rooftop or the drain U trap and if the connecting pipe is not installed, rainwater can flow into the room through the hole which connects the indoor unit with the air conditioner. Check how the connecting line is installed.

Water dripping from AC in the summer season.

So, during the summer, when your unit isn’t able to take breaks, the condensation from the evaporator coil is too much for the drain pan and drain line to expel quickly. Therefore this causes the water to overflow into your home, which can be exacerbated during the monsoon season with the excess humidity in the air.

9 Reasons of Water Dripping from AC- review with solution

Let’s start discussing the central heart of the article with the 9 main reasons for water dripping from AC. Here we have also added a few points trying to give you all a significant idea about the solution of the dripping water as well.Dirty Air Filters- Commest reason to look for dripping water.

An air conditioner works on a fundamental mechanism by absorbing the moisture and air inside your home or room. The vapor condensation drips into a drip vessel, which is then drained out of the unit through the condensate pipelines.

If the air filters of the unit are dirty, the dust and debris can block the airflow. The fault in the primary mechanism will be like, instead of condensation dripping drops into the drip pan, the water will eventually freeze over the AC’s evaporator coils, forming a thin layer of ice on the coil’s surface.

The adverse effect of dirty filter-

The more you keep the unit’s dirty filters, the more thicker formation of the layer of ice. This ice will eventually start dripping as it melts, causing the water to drip from your vents.

So for this, you change your air filters regularly. How often you will have to do it will depend on many factors such as:

  • The size of your home or room
  • how many members live in it,
  • whether you have any pets or animals in the house,
  • whether any of you have allergy issues.

As per the recommendation, the ideal period will be every one month for cleaning the dirty filter.

Frozen Evaporator Coils- a second common reason for water dripping from AC

This is a secondary cause of the water dripping from the AC. As it is earlier explained that, dirty air filters create ice formation on the evaporator coils.
Once you have changed the filters, get a hairdryer, turn it on to the lowest setting, and blow warm air over the waves to help the ice melt faster.

Rusted Drip Pan- Can you even imagine rust in the dripping vessel?
The drip pan or vessel we mentioned above can become rusted with time. If you have changed your filters and the coils aren’t frozen, check the pan to see if it needs to be replaced.

Fragmented Condensation Pump

The condensation pumps of the units are usually located very next to a furnace or condensate line. The water in your AC unit is collected inside the pump, pumped outside of your house or room through this pump. If the condensate pump is not working sufficiently or effectively, it won’t drain water from the pump. This will create a water drip from your AC.
this is not a cup of tea to be self-done; you need to call an expert technician or a cleaner to solute the problem and stop the water dripping from AC.

Improper Installation of the AC unit

If you have not installed the AC system properly, either the unit or the drain vessel might slightly tilt or sloped to one side, causing pooled condensation to drip.
Call the technician or the company person to again re-install the whole unit and complain about the water dripping from AC to check further for the defect issues.

Clogged Condensate Pipeline-

There is a presence of condensate draining line outside the unit either of your house or room. Just as with air filters and coils, over some time, the pipelines also get clogged with dust, dirt particles, debris, mildew, sticky algae, or maybe a rodent or by a bug.
To unclog it, you will surely need either a shop vac or distilled vinegar mixture.
Pour it into the pipe and let it loosen, and clean the line further with clean water.

Water dripping from Refrigerant

Refrigerant is known as the AC’s coolant. Unlike in a car, it doesn’t require to be replaced or topped off unless there is a significant issue with the unit, such as a freon leak or maybe more. However, they should only be fixed by professional experts since exposure to it may cause refrigerant poisoning.
The only solution of this problem is to call the professional from the company and complain about the situation.

Air Leak Around the AC Vent

If your AC vent or unit is dripping, reach up and have a look for any air escaping from or around the sides of the air vents in the first place. This is another common issue and one that is very easy to fix. If air is running from anywhere other than the grates, caulking the leak is all you need to do.
Call for an engineer or a professional immediately and have a look at the problem.

Insufficient Insulation Around the Air Ducts

Many attic spaces in the unit aren’t insulated well, so if your air ducts run through the attic, they may acquire excess condensation to get insulation. Fortunately, if you can safely and precisely access the attic at your home, you can fix this problem by simply adding air duct insulation around the ductwork.
Remove the grate from the air vents of the unit and have a look.
If there is not sufficient insulation or insufficient insulation, a quick trip to your unit store will equip you with everything you need.

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Q.1 Why is my AC constantly dripping water?
A Clogged Drain Pipeline, the main reason your AC is leaking inside the home, is most likely due to a clogged condensate line. Over some time, this line can become clogged with debris like dirt particles, dust, or even mold.

Q.2 How do I stop my air conditioner from dripping condensation?
Try to reduce the level of humidity level in the air near the air ducts of the AC unit. You can go for a dehumidifier process if that helps to reduce the condensation. Unblock any unit vents that are restricting airflow and have them cleaned regularly or monthly.

Q.3 Is it normal for AC to drip water outside the house regularly?
It is entirely typical for any air conditioning unit to leak a little bit of water during routine functioning because it produces condensation while it works.


Adding up the final words at the end of the content, it is equally important to fix any AC problems, whether major or minor. Read the above article on the most common 9 reasons for dripping water from AC and get your AC unit checked for regular maintenance very soo

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