Are you wondering about what is the best temperature for air conditioner in summer? As per the environmental analyst, the ideal climate temperature of our surroundings should match our body temperature to make our body function well and effectively. We around the year experiences four seasons, in which summer is the hottest when an air conditioner unit is in maximum usage.

There can be a vast difference in the temperature in the summer season compared to the outdoors and indoors. There is a special requirement to maintain the best temperature for air conditioners in summer. The present article is all about what is the best temperature for air conditioner in summer, with elaborative content about the best temperature and the methods to maintain the temperature of AC during the summer season.

What is the best temperature for air conditioner in summer?

What is the best temperature for air conditioner in summer

The air conditioning unit is something millions of people depend on every single day of the year. When the sun is scorching and the temperature is hot, our air conditioning unit gives us the relief we need. If your air conditioner unit is working effectively, you can experience excellent comfort all summer long. Well everyone must be keen to know the best temperature for air conditioner in summer. We have elaborated on some of the factors on which the answer has relied. 

Is 72-73 degrees the best temperature for the air conditioner in summer?

On average, most homeowners set the temperature for air conditioners in summer between 72 to 73 degrees. However, according to the Department of Energy, the number for the temperature is far much high. The Department of Energy recommends people set their home thermostat to 78 degrees during the hot summer months. Everyone must be astonished by such a high-temperature number, but it is essential. There are some tips to raise and maintain such a high temperature without hammering your comfort level.

Tips for raising temperature without hampering the comfort 

What is the best temperature for air conditioner in summer

While increasing the temperature on a larger scale, the thermostat brings many advantages. You don’t need to risk your comfort level to maintain the best temperature for air conditioner in summer. 

Here are some easy and most common methods to raise the thermostat temperature.


Raise it when you are not in the room

You can’t be uncomfortable in your room when you’re not there. You need to reap the benefits of a high indoor temperature, turn up your air conditioner unit when your home is vacant. At the same time, you can accomplish this with any air conditioning unit. Better to choose a programmable model that makes the process extremely simple. Some sir conditioner units also allow you to make adjustments from your smartphone.

Upgrade your air conditioner model

The new air conditioners units of today are built with tons of incredible features and capabilities, making it easier than ever to save on your electricity bills. More specifically, a new air conditioner unit can also allow you to raise the indoor temperature in your room, allowing you to take advantage of these. This is only because many of these AC units feature a variable-speed fan and, most importantly, 2-stage cooling capabilities. Even if your temperature is set high in the summer days, these features help you stay cooler for longer.

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Cost factors-

Many people set their air conditioner unit at 78 degrees. However, while this can lead to comfort levels during the summer, the costs can add up. If you consistently keep your air conditioner low, this can cause your air conditioner unit to work harder, which can shorten its life. If your air conditioner unit continues to work overtime, you’ll be replacing it sooner than you expected. 

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Using fans

Whether you have a table fan or ceiling fan, these can go a long way and most efficient method for staying comfortable during the summer months in this high raised temperature. Even if the indoor temperature is very high, ceiling fans can make it feel much more incredible. While you should open your room windows, many experts encourage placing box fans in your window to let in even more cool air. This can lead to using your air conditioner unit less, not to mention letting in that fresh, cool natural breeze.


Summing up in the end, the summer season has a significant difference between the indoor and outdoor temperatures. On the hottest days of summer, our air conditioner unit is at its maximum use. There is a crucial necessity to compensate for the high degree difference between the indoor and outdoor temperature to make our body function well. If you are dependent on air, you should choose the best temperature for air conditioner in summer. Read the above article on what is the best temperature for air conditioner in summer and gain some information.

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